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Weymouth 51 Dorset Award Winning Chilli Sauces & Oils

Weymouth 51 Dorset Award Winning Chilli Sauces & Oils

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Dorset Award Winning Artisan Chilli Sauces

Vegan Friendly & Preservative Free

Flavours include...

Sweet Chilli Sauce - Heat Level - Medium - A sauce with a difference!!! Huge warming ginger tones, a good kick from habaneros and whatever chillies on hand. Loads of ginger and organic apple cider vinegar. Taste the difference. Everybody says this is totally unique and cannot go back to supermarket style sweet chilli sauce. Perfect with any deep fried food, great at the last minute on stir fried or noodles. Or with cheese and cold meats for picnics - SOLD OUT

Dorset Naga Rapeseed Oil - Commended Award Winner! This oil has a beautiful toastie, nutty chilli aroma. Ideal for drizzling adding heat to pizzas, roasted potatoes or salad, on beef carpaccio or any meat prior to roasting or barbeque to add that extra kick. Marinade, shallow/deep frying or roasting. And it is British oil! Amazing health benefit:

    • Reducing heart disease and stroke.
    • Contains the lowest saturated fat content of any oil.
    • A good source of Omega 3,6,9.
    • Contains Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.
    • High in monounsaturated fats (the good fats!)
    • Safe to cook at high temperatures with a burning point of 230c, much higher than Olive Oil

Chilli Salt - Locally Grown Gently Toasted Dried Chillies with Himalayan Pink Salt. Loaded with chillies to included Lemon Aji, Dorset Naga, Thai Dragon, Red & Golden Cayenne, Red Pot Black, Fresno, Apache, Kashmiri, Pink Tiger, Jigsaw and loads more. Can be used as you would use salt "with a twist". Amazing kick use on meat when charred on the BBQ. Use on bloody mary, sprinkle on butter new potato or dip your radishes or cucumber into this tasty salt.Himalayan salt is possibly the purest salt in the world, it's loaded with minerals iron, magnesium and potassium which are good for health. It's naturally havested by hand and minimally processed to provide a natural alternative to regular table salt.Incredible health benefits included:

    • Improve respiratory system
    • Balancing body's pH levels
    • Reduce signs of aging
    • Regulate blood sugar
    • Improve sleep quality

Moo Glaze - Heat Level - Mild - Korean BBQ sauce inspired glaze. Brush on grilled meats or use in stir frys, marinades or just for slapping on top a burger. Deep rich flavours of soy, ginger, garlic, brown sugar and proper Korean gochugaru chillies.

Spiced Apple Crumble Ketchup - Heat Level - Mild - Rich flavours of apple, green tomatoes, malt vinegar, ginger and cinnamon. Gently spiced with locally grown chillies. Perfect on cheeseburger hotdog or sandwiches

 51 Beginners - Heat Level Mild

Beginner - Heat Level Mild - Chilli is not just about the heat! This super smooth and creamy mild full flavour sauce will tingle the palate of any novice chilli lover. Big flavours from red ripe Fresno chillies, jalapeno style tropical notes and beautiful organic apple cider vinegar twang and our local sea salt. A wonderful all-day sauce with lots of characters. Great with anything!!

Rhubarb & Custard - Heat Level - Medium - Award-winning gold medal!! A really cheeky sauce. Yellow Jigsaws, Jamaican Yellow, Yellow Trinidad Perfume, Lemon Aji and the almightly Red Naga from Sea Spring Seeds nursery "The home of the Dorset Naga" which awarded the hottest chilli in the world in 2006. Lovely smooth creamy heat but be aware of the little kick. One of our farmers market favourite

Lemon Sherbet - Heat Level - Medium - SOLD OUT

1 Year Old - Heat Level - Medium - Fruity, floral early summer chillies are used to create this complex sauce. A deep fruity layered flavoured long ferment with unusual slow and creeping lasting lingering warmth and glow. A well-balanced medium heat all-day sauce for those like a bit of extra!! This sauce is full of amazing flavours therefore wobble the bottle and pour it on today!!

Scorpions - Heat Level - Super Hot - First taste is scary, WOW it’s coming, big heat smooth flavour, what a dream! Originally from Trinidad and Tobago. This chilli has a pointed tail. Great ferment flavours. Chargrilled lamb chops please!!!

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